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This is the procedure to follow:

1.       Click the Login link in the upper right of the website, then click the Forgot Password link.

2.       Enter the email we have on record for you. Click Submit.

3.       An email will be sent to your email address. It contains a link to the load/change password function.

4.       Click the link and after being redirected to the website, enter your desired password twice, and submit.

5.       When the change is completed, a message appears to go to the HOME page and log in with your email and new password.

6.       You will be asked to accept the user terms of the site. Check the box.

7.       At that point the upper right corner of the screen your name will appear - this will link to your Profile.

8.       Click your Name/Profile link. That takes you to your current profile on the site. If your account is active, you will be able to edit your profile.

9.       If your account is lapsed, you must click on the Renew button to renew your annual dues to gain access to your profile and members only content.

** When entering your Practice Areas or Practice Specialties, please note: You will have the option to check boxes for your Practice Areas. You will make the determination on whether or not to further define your practice into Practice Specialties. For example, if your Practice Area is Bankruptcy, you might type Chapter 7, Chapter 13 into Practice Specialties; or, if your Practice Area is Personal Injury, you might type Car Wrecks or Slip and Fall into Practice Specialties.**

**You are only allowed to enter one email per member. However, if you would like an additional email to be added as a contact (i.e. an assistant's email), please email info@glynncountybar.org with your request.**

Contact info@glynncountybar.org if you need any assistance.

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